Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Next Wave

Though some rest on the Island now, others get ready. It's all in good turn.

Heal in the sun, protected
Learning and service turn next
Rest not, the wind.
I go to the ocean of white
Sandy beaches and blue
Bathe in the salt for soul
And tropical waterfall.
O wind and the next wave
And soon -- the call.
We heal and learn and serve
The sun, the water, and wind.


  1. Hi Ardist,
    My name is Carol and I am the conductor of the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band. I choose a friendless site to feature every Friendly Friday.
    You have been nominated for the featured Friendless Site.
    Being nominated as a friendless site only means that your blog
    doesn't have many comments but you have been singled out as being
    worthy of more attention.
    I hope you will come play along.

    You write beautiful poetry.

  2. Hello. I`m here from the above mentioned marching band. My role in the band is flag bearer. I must agree with my conductor that your writing is beautiful. The poetry concerning winter storms is quite lovely. Perhaps only people from Minnesota (and the Canadian prairies) can appreciate the beauty of winter.

  3. But all seasons are beautiful. And spring is just around the corner -- though a long bend for some of us. Thanks for visiting, Mango. And thank you, Carol for the tunes.

  4. Hey Ardist I'm one of the members of the FFMB as the drum I think your blog is great.

  5. Hi, just marching through with the band this Friday. I enjoyed your site and love to visit people who are so gifted at writing poetry.

  6. Hello - I'm the flutist with Carol's band. She's picked a wonderful site for us this week. Follow the parade!

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