Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ready--the Gift

I first remembered it was coming when I read a poem of a compost heap on the blog, Morden Haiku. Then on a recent warmer-than-winter day I looked out to the naked trees, and knew they could feel it too.
It starts deep within
the icecaps of January
can't hold it back
sun shines and moon pulls at sea
sap in the tree remembers
Spring--any week now
any month or day
we wait for the hour of emergence
impatient with rest.
Ready--the gift.

If you are a gardener in the north you may know what I mean. Do you feel it?


  1. I am a gardener in Montana. And it's been much warmer than normal here. A part of me knows this is bad news, and I want it to be cold and snowing. (and besides, I really do like the winter)...but there is a part of me itching to dig in the dirt.

  2. Thanks for the comment on my site. I'll be looking yours over in the next few days.

  3. I know what you mean, rebecca. I wanna be snowed in good, so I can tromp around digging out. Love the shovel--black dirt and compost is next. BTW - where in Montana? I have 20 acres in the Bull Montains N of Blgs.

  4. not in the north, nor am I a gardener, but I'm hurting for Spring! I hate cold more each year!

  5. I agree with Andrew! Always eager to see Winter move below the equator, and Spring rent out its space. Good poem!