Friday, December 05, 2008

A Note from Granddad

When I was suffering
you gave me love
and gifts and well wishes.
When I was on my deathbed
your prayers of love
eased my way.
When I first arrived here at last
your relief and love
made me know my good fortune.
But your grief continues
and dampens my celebration.
Remembering our joy
will complete the occasion
of love and elation.


  1. Ardi, this poem just made me cry, because I feel that my continuing grief does hold back the Souls' growth of my loved ones. I do have lots of good memories, I think I just get bogged down in my loneliness for them, though I realize, too, they are with me, at least in my heart. Thank you for the very good reminder to celebrate the lives of those we love and do our best to grieve softly, not letting it crush us. I'd wish for more eloquence here, but I only know as soon as I read this, I cried, as it resonated with what's going on with me.
    Stay warm xo SisSTAR

  2. I'm lucky in that I've never really grieved for the loss of friend or family. Sounds strange, I know. Though my brother, father, mother and sister have gone before me and my remaining siblings, in our upbringing we learned that "death" is a doorway to a better life. As Soul we do not die, but just shed an all-too-often used up body. Sort of a healthy irreverence for death, as it (death) only terrorizes those who accept its finality. Not so for me. Our loved ones in other dimensions are reachable and are reaching out to contact us if we believe and listen.

  3. you have a real gift with words we are blest to receive your poetry

  4. Oh I just love this Ardi and I feel it's true also..did you write it for your grandfather or did he actually write it?

    I feel they are in some other dimension, more evolved..that if we believe we can reach out spiritually and know best friend died of cancer about 7 years ago and I remember she always told me she was going to be my guardian angel once she had passed on, that she would be looking after me protecting me here on "earth" in a spiritual kind of way..I have felt that ever since she passed on.

    The story of going to her grave with some friends( some people that had been controlling her in her life would not tell me what cemetary let alone where she was buried, but I found out which cemetary)not knowing where it was in the whole huge cemetary but once I arrived there I just walked straight towards where her grave was..I just friends were like "oooh scary". I came back another day and had a chat with her spirit. I was angry at her for dying when she didn't have too...long story. Then this large breeze came up right around me only. It was a wonderful feeling. Ever since I've felt her prescence and she is often in my dreams chatting with me about my life and and making suggestions.

    When on the earth she used to call me an angel on earth, always giving me little beautiful angels, ceramic, porcelain, lamps, pictures, cards, all angels..hence I started using that term towards others and with "angel blessings" evolved from there.

    As I write this I feel her presence this very moment..and I'm smiling..

    I know once the bodies die their soul is gone from the body..I feel...they are some place you said..we just need to "want" to feel the connection.

    Thank you for sharing this with all of us..I hope you feel a connection with all of your family members that have passed on..I'm sure you do. I remember your sisters beautiful artwork.

    Love and Blessings,


  5. I thank you, Rhi. Beautiful story and connection with your friend. I didn't know either of my grandfathers and just one grandmother. I wrote from what I know as Soul, as well as the connection I still feel with those that have gone before me. I don't really relate to the common terminology of "her spirit (or soul)" leaving or visiting me, but rather: We are Soul. Our bodies leave us all eventually. Spirit (soul) is eternal. It goes nowhere because only matter has place, decays, and is recycled into other forms. Spirit is everywhere.