Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Window

It could be the first light announced by robins at dawn. Or the arbor still black in silhouette. A squirrel or neighbor's tom. Or semi versus motorcycle in distant freeway traffic. From my window I see and hear. I go there by love seat and journal. Come with me if you like.

Today in the rain
a deer looked my way
from the tree line 50 yards off.
I raised the paper in my hand
and waved to her.
White flag of peace.
Ears perk and gaze more alert
She looked south
before her fawn
came bounding closer
Then both were off
to the safety of a thicket.

In the forest
what color is
the flag of peace?

Earlier . . .

Still before storm,
and Starlings gather.
Elm and oak are occupied.
Talk in the alder is of earth and sky.
Why do we bother with thoughts of loss?
Clouds roll up into thunder heads.
And peppers ripen.

Yesterday, lifting the morning blinds to a new day, they greeted me again. A pair of crows. So often they show up as my muse and inspiration.

Two crows of consciousness
sitting on a fence
One flies right and one leaps left.
Black as a feather,
blue as the sky
While they are living,
They'll never die?


  1. "While they are living they'll never die"..I like that..good poem.

    Havne't heard from you in a while..I'm blogging more now and hope you will drop by soon Ardi..

    Blessings and Love,


  2. I really enjoyed these poems, Ardi, and I, too, had a deer look at me while standing in my kitchen window. She'd jumped our fence and was eating from the birdfeeder and munching various vegetation here and there ... she thought "the grass is greener..." and Crows! they are so wonderful. I'm glad to know you like them, too. I have also made a friend of Rhiannon from commenting on your blog, so that's been nice. By the way, I'm already wise with white hair and I love to climb my McIntosh apple tree ;oD