Thursday, July 10, 2008

A New Glade


There! The sun shines on the green wall.

Wall of the forest facade.

I see just the first bank of trees

In leaf, showy and bright.

But vision is not just of this.

Penetrating. I see.

I’ve been there before,

Beyond the facade.

I’ve walked through the layer of bright-lit green.

I’ve walked through the light.

Away from song and dance of everyday.

Into the past. The future.

And into the silence of now.

Even the rustle and twitching of unseen events

Adds to the silence of a softer hue.

Sings of a cool summer shade

And touches the glade of memory:

Your first breath in my ear.

The word before I knew

Your name.


I walk. I sit.

I dream and fly.

And we are together.

Beyond the facade and the song.

Till the sun’s angle changes everything.

And there is but one peace.

And love.


1 comment:

  1. This is such a beautiful poem and verse.

    Ardi, I want to thank you for such heartfelt kind and caring words that you said in your comment to my post. It meant the world to me because I knew you really meant it.

    I'm not that used to being heard or listened to in the real world..though I find myself listening and hearing others to quite a degree. As I like to help and be there for others.

    I'm not going to be on blog for a while. I wrote a very "long" comment to all of you in my post, maybe it might help you to understand maybe not. I suppose for whatever reason lots of us are meant to go through a continous "battle" or metamorphis in this life. I often feel I'm not going to come back after this life for I'm being taught all the "lessons" this time around. But I grow very tired these days yet my spirit still hangs and I do feel blessed in some odd ways.

    Love to you also Ardi, thanks again.